Best Life Diet

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Using a nutritional eating program, cardio workouts and strengthtraining, it is possible to get the body you've always dreamed of. More thanjust another fly-by-night fad, Bob's Best Life program is designed so that people can live it, not diet.

The three-phase program was created to help people decrease their weight, contendwith emotional eating and maintain behaviors that can be maintained forlife. Each phase helps dieters get a handle on their eating habits whileincreasing their level of physical activity.

Phase 1: For the first four weeks, prepare to get moving. The Rev-Up callsfor physical activity to get your metabolism going. Start a formal workoutor ramp up your current one. Consume three meals a day and one snack. Neverskip breakfast. Stop drinking alcohol. Drink a glass of water with each meal.Take a multivitamin and do not eat two hours before you go to bed.

Phase 2: The Switch is going to really kick start the weight loss process.
This phase lasts a minimum of four weeks. You are going to eliminate certain foods and replace them with others that are more pro weight loss. Say goodbye to softdrinks, foods containing trans fat, fried foods, white bread, regular pastaand high-fat dairy products.