ImageWelcome to the world of dietary supplements. One of the leaders in the rat race of ephedra-free weight-loss formulas, CortiSlim is formulated to get a feel for the stress and the weight gain that go hand in hand with anxiety. CortiSlim uses a combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs to balance blood sugar and boost metabolism. CortiSlim is taken two times a day with breakfast and lunch.

According to the makers of CortiSlim, stress is one of the primary causes of obesity. When a person is pressured, the body releases cortisol, the primary stress hormone, which increases appetite and stores fat. CortiSlim is made of Vitamin C, calcium, chromium, Cortiplex Blend (magnolia bark extract, beta-sitosterol, theanine), Leptiplex Blend (green tea extract, bitter orange peel extract) and Insutrol Blend (banaba leaf extract, avandium).

The magnolia bark extract has been shown to lower anxiety levels. The blend of chromium, green tea, banaba leaf, and vanadyl helps maintan insulin levels.

Basically, CortiSlim is much like all the other diet supplements on the market. There is little proof that you'll take off the weight without following a healthy eating plan and taking part in regular exercise.

A potential class action lawsuit has been filed charging that CortiSlim's advertising claims are utrue, deceptive or misleading.

If you are expecting a miracle with CortiSlim, you're likely to find this is no magic pill. Even if you do lose a few pounds here and there, there's a good chance you will regain the weight if you return to your normal habits.