Dotti's Weight Loss Zone

ImageIt is a lifestyle, not a diet. That would be the motto of Dotti's Weight Loss Zone, a site created around one woman's struggle to lose those extra pounds. Founded in 1998, Dotti's Weight Loss Zone was started by her husband to keep her motivated while she worked to lose weight.

As of October 1998, she had shed more than 100 pounds. However, like many people who battle the bulge, Dotti's yo yo'd over the years and gained backed the weight to reach 215 pounds. Yet she refuses to let her own problems prevent her from helping other people with their weight-loss agendas.

She continues to document her weight loss journey, as does husband Al. Using Weight Watchers, Dotti has succeeded in taking off the weight and quitting smoking. However, her mission went beyond losing those extra pounds. She is trying to help others take off the weight through Dotti's Weight Loss Zone.

Chock full of information including recipes, menus and a daily checklist and journal, there are many resources for anybody looking to lose weight. Countless articles offer up tried-and-true diet tips to help in the pounds-shedding process.