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Nobody knows this better than the gurus of online dieting, eDiets.com. Founded more than 10 years ago, eDiets.com offers a wide scope of programs including Bill Phillips Eating for Life, the Mediterranean Diet, fresh meal delivery and other healthy-living plans.

The program espouses the importance of balanced nutrition, regular exercise and peer and professional support as the fundamental building blocks in achieving a healthy weight. It takes more than just healthy eating and exercise to maintain permanent weight loss.

Members can choose from the eDiets Weight Loss Diet, eDiets Meal Delivery Plan (for use with Alli), Glycemic Diet, Mediterranean Diet and the Slim Fast Optima Diet. Healthy Living plans include Wheat-Free, Low-Fat, Living with Diabetes, Heart Smart, Low-Sodium, Cholesterol Lowering, High-Fiber, Hypoglycemic/Low-Sugar, Healthy Soy, Vegetarian and Lactose-Free.

All three elements are an integral part of lasting weight loss. The online diet destination takes customization to the next level. Regardless of whether you choose to follow a low-carb, low-sodium or lactose-free variation, the plan is customized just for you.