Making The Cut

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While Jillian's Winning By Losing plan to battling weight problems uses a triple-threat approach based on Self, Science and Sweat, Making The Cut is an even more intense directive from The Biggest Loser trainer.

The point of her 30-day program is to get the most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time. Once again, Jillian draws upon the power of three -- mental, nutritional and physical changes that will help you reach dramatic results in less than a month.

The first step in Making The Cut is to identify your body type and your metabolic makeup -- slow oxidizer, balanced oxidizer or fast oxidizer. Once you've detemined where you fit in, Jillian creates a customized diet that's based on your wants and needs.

For example, an individual who is a slow oxidizer needs more carbs. A fast oxidizer consumes a greater percentage of protein. Making The Cut offers three sets of menus depending on which category the dieter falls into.