Pure Weight Loss Centers

ImageChange your weight... not your life.

That would be the motto of Pure Weight Loss. But do not let the name fool ya. Pure Weight Loss is formerly L.A. Weight Loss. There are more than 400 centers throughout the country.

According to the Pure Weight Loss people, the Pure Advantage lies in the fact that there are no pre-packaged meals. They offer a low-glycemic "good carb" program.

A flexible weight-loss program that is made to fit your lifestyle, Pure Weight Loss names itself as a revolutionary plan that uses menus, one-on-one counseling and Pure Lites to help clients lose those extra pounds. Pure Lites are a line of products only available to Pure Weight Loss members.

Members can choose to lose at one of the many brick-and-mortar centers or they can join Pure Weight Loss online. Pure Weight Loss offers counselors to help dieters move through the weight-loss process. There are registered dietitians on staff to show members the tools and techniques for healthy eating.

Although it varies from center to center, counselors may either be trained in the field of nutrition or they could be former LA Weight Loss members who work off commission.