Revival Diet

ImageFor years Revival has been a forerunner in featuring high-quality soy products such as protein shakes, bars and other great-tasting offerings. Now, the company has created the Revival Slim & Beautiful Diet Plan. Revival's Dr. Aaron Tabor advocates so strongly in his program that he would recommend it to his own mother -- which is exactly what he did.

In fact, as one of their greatest success stories, Suzanne Tabor used the routine to get healthier, look more youthful and achieve any overall radiant glow. In four weeks on the Revival Diet, she gained more energy and fought some of the symptoms commonly associated with menopause. Her skin, hair and nails have never looked so healthy, along with her slim and trim new waistline.

And Suzanne is not alone. The average dieter following the Revival Diet loses between 26 to 29 pounds in 16 weeks. Dr. Tabor explains that many individuals following the Revival Diet experience phenomenal results that include quick weight loss, less belly fat, lost sizes, reduced hunger and more energy.

Revival Diet touts itself as a simple fix. The meal plan is basic enough. A typical day looks like the following...

-- Consume two to three Revival milk protein or soy protein bars and shakes (400 to 600 calories)

-- Eat five servings of fruits and veggies (400 calories)

-- Consume one low-calorie meal or pre-packaged entree (200-300 calories)

-- Follow the Gorgeous Roses beauty vitamins regimen