Richard Simmons

ImageFor more than 30 years, Richard Simmons has been a staple in the fitness space. The larger-than-life personality with his trademark tank tops and short shorts has helped shape the lives of millions of men and women. With his able assistance more than 3 million pounds have been shed.

Simmons himself battled the bulge when he reached 268 pounds. Through diet and fitness, Simmons tackled his own weight loss demons in 1973 and lost 123 pounds. It wasn't long after that he founded Slimmons, a Beverly Hills health club that caters to individuals of all sizes.

Determined to help fight the war on fat, Simmons created his own program which includes the Deal-A-Meal and the FoodMover which enables dieters to track calories and portions. Simmons also has more than 50 fitness videos and 9 books, including Never Say Diet, The Better Body Book, Steam Away The Pounds and more.

He's most recognized for his approach to fitness and his affection for aerobics workouts. With an extremely flamboyant personality, Simmons dominates the camera with workouts such as Sweatin' to the Oldies,
Disco Sweat, Dance Your Pants Off!, No Ifs Ands or Butts, Love to Strech and much more.