The Firm

ImageIt is known as The Firm for a reason. This aerobic, weight-training combo creates tight, tone bodies courtesy of seasoned fitness veterans. It is apparent from their flab-free figures that these instructors practice what they preach. And they are going to help you Transfirm yourself with their system.

By following The Firm's formula for fitness success, it's simple to burn fat, build muscle and achieve the body of your dreams. The key to sticking with the program longterm is starting slow. There is no need for a client to become an extreme exercise fanatic overnight. In fact, the creators of The Firm point out that trying to do too much, too fast can often lead to injury, soreness and frustration. Any of these bad experiences discourage dieters from continuing on.

A combo of weight training and aerobics, The Firm workout uses less weight and higher reps to create favorable results. Because lighter weights are used, women don't have to worry about bulking up. The Firm recommends introducing 3, 5 and 8-pound weights once a person is comfortable with the moves. This is usually three to five sessions into the program. When added with a healthy diet, a noticeable change can be recognized after 10 workouts.

The Firm creates lean muscle, which enhances calorie-burning abilities. In addition, weight-bearing exercises prevent degenerative diseases like osteoporosis. With two payments of $29.95, The Firm will be delivered to your door.