The Food Doctor Diet

ImageThe Food Doctor is in the house.

Dr. Ian Marber is one of the UK's hottest nutritional therapists, and he's bringing his program to the United States via the world wide web. Dr. Marber is the man behind The Food Doctor Clinic in London, acting as one of the principal consultants of the program.

He has 10 Principles for losing weight and boosting energy levels.Unlike diets that get rid of entire groups of food, The Food Doctorencompasses a diverse range of whole foods. There is no calorie counting,and dieters are encouraged to eat three meals a day as well as a snack inthe afternoon and in the morning.

It's important to learn how the metabolism works and why it's crucial to keep a balanced metabolism. The Food Doctor encourages the consumption oflow GI foods to keep insulin levels in check by eliminating white foods
such as bread, pasta, rice, caffeine and alcohol.

Of course, there's room for error with the 80/20 rule whereby the dietersticks to the program the majority of the time and allows individuals to eat what they like the other 20% of the time.

The Food Doctor's Diet includes a Seven Day Diet which jumpstarts the losing process. This stage is made up of soups, snacks, omelets, fresh fish and other foods. What you won't find on the plan is simple, refined carbs, stimulants and saturated fats.

Once you have completed the weeklong "mini detox," the next phase uses the 10 Principles for proper nutrition and includes frappes, snacks, soups, one-dish recipes, travel treats and other whole foods.