The Hibernation Diet

ImageLose weight while you catch some z's.

Yet another diet program that promises lots of results with not a lot action. This would be the Hibernation Diet, a plan that uses the body's very own resources to enable you to stay slim and trim. The Hibernation Diet relies on liver fueling to improve sleep and recovery, increase energy levels and burn fat while at rest.

It is as easy as consuming a few spoonfuls of honey before you get some shuteye. Developed by British pharmacist Mike McInnes and his son Stuart, a nutrition expert, The Hibernation Diet kickstarts the body's recovery system by revving the fat-burning metabolism, easing stress hormones and achieving a better night's help.

There are three major mitigating factors that allow the body to burn more fat while you sleep.

Honey -- The fructose and glucose in honey gives a fueling mechanism at night. This then evens out blood sugar levels and helps the hormones recover to get on with burning fat stores. Take a huge spoonful or two in a drink, smoothie or as is.

Healthy eating -- Follow a balanced diet that's deplete of refined, processed foods. Forget about foods like white bread, burgers, chips, beer and sugar.

Resistance -- Perform two to three stretches of resistance training using light hand weights instead of vigorous cardio regimens.

The founders of the Hibernation Diet maintain that eating honey fuels the liver and allows the body to activate hormones that burn fat. `