The Liver Cleansing Diet

ImageWhen it comes to metabolism, the liver is the link that is not present. At least, that is what Dr. Sandra Cabot says. The creator of the Liver Cleansing Diet explains we are not fat because of extra calories - we are overweight as a result of liver dysfunction. Dr. Cabot feels that by eating the proper foods, the liver is able to regulate metabolism and burn fat, although thousands of other studies show that it is actually the hypothalamus that regulates body weight.

The guiding principles of the liver cleansing process are to have a diet high (30 to 40 percent) in raw fruits and vegetables, namely dark green leafy vegetables and orange, yellow, purple and red fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables should be consumed at each meal as they have living enzymes, vitamin C, natural antibiotic and phytonutrients that prevent cancer.

Cut out full-fat dairy, margarine, vegetable oils, fried foods, preserved meats and fatty meats. Instead consume essential fatty acids in their natural form. Load up on avocados, cold-water fish, seeds and cold-pressed vegetables and seed oils. These fats build healthy cell membranes around the liver cells, Dr. Cabot says. She calls for grains, raw nuts, seeds, legumes, eggs, seafood, and if desired, free range chicken (sans the skin), and lean fresh red meats.

Avoid preservatives, pesticides, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals. Go organic. Drink lots of water, teas and raw juices. These are just a few of the alternative-type practices Dr. Cabot calls for cleansing the liver.

From what Dr. Cabot says, the Liver Cleansing Diet fights liver disease, gall bladder disease, high blood pressure, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, auto-immune diseases, migraines, arthritis and more. The diet will also allow you to live longer, she asserts. Unfortunately, there aren't any medical studies to back up Dr. Cabot's theories.