The Maker's Diet

ImageYou may not be ready to meet your maker, but that does not mean you cannot follow his meal plan. Prepare to improve your health and lose weight... God's way.

With the Maker's Diet, you will dine the way Our Father intended or at the very least the way creator Jordan Rubin sees it.

The Maker's Diet is based on a variety of organic meats, vegetables and fruits. With this 40-day experience, you will be closer to your weight loss, health and spiritual goals in the name of the Lord. According to the Maker's Diet, unclean, unhealthy and unacceptable foods have to go.

Instead people should eat in adherence to the teachings of the Bible as their food pyramid and looking toward organic foods to improve their health. Rubin says there are two rules of thumb for what goes into his body - it had to be created by God as food and it must be consumed in the form God created. That rules out foods exposed to fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics.

Supplementation, proper hygiene, exercise and breathing techniques, reduced toxins and a purposeful life are also major parts of the well-rounded guide to holy rolling. Benefits of the Maker's Diet include reduced pain, better sleep, less stress, improved digestion, enhanced digestion and fewer colds and flus.