The pH Diet

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Dr. Robert Young and his wife Shelley, creators of the pH Miracle, stress that having too much acid in the blood is a leveling blow to your overall health. Wheat, meat, caffeine, sugar, refined flour, dairy, alcohol, cheese and some fruits are among the worst offenders that take a toll on the body. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be composed of at least 75% vegetables - half of them raw and all preferably organic. A couple of examples of what dieters enjoy on the pH Miracle are Blackened Herb Fillets and Kale with Egyptian Garlic Sauce.

By decreasing your intake of meats and grains, drinking plenty of water and engaging in a basic exercise plan, your pH will return to optimum levels. Taking regular supplements will play a role in accomplishing this task.

By achieving mildly basic or alkaline pH levels, you'll improve energy levels, increased mental stamina, lose weight and better your overall health, according to Dr. Young. Other than one study conducted in the early "90s, there is not a substantial research that backs up the claims of the pH Miracle.