The UnDiet

ImageIt is a novel approach to weight loss -- spray your way to a trimmer you. It is the UnDiet, and it will help you achieve weight loss through a rather unconventional means.

The unDiet system is made up of three oral sprays that help in weight loss by acting as an appetite suppressant, boosting metabolism, neutralizing carbs and increasing energy levels. The UnDiet was invented by MedGen which also offers pain relief, snore and sleep aids and supplements in a spray.

The unDiet sprays include WeightShield, Appease and Simply Trim. Each product has a different purpose and is utilized at various times. WeightShield is an a.m. formula used before breakfast. It is behind upping the metabolic rate, triggering fat burning and increasing energy.

The main component in WeightShield is Advantra Z, a bitter orange weight loss extract that has been shown to stimulate the metabolism. Advantra Z triggers the chemical messengers that activate fat loss without stimulating the receptors that change heart rate or blood pressure.