The Warrior Diet

ImageEat anything you'd like - but do it in just two hours. It may sound like the most off-the-wall diet to hit the weight-loss circuit as of late, but there are many supporters who acknowledge the concept of "undereating during the day" and "overeating at night" works wonders. The Warrior Diet takes its cue from the body's biological time factor.

According to the science behind the diet, the undereating phase maximizes the flight reaction to stress in turn promoting energy, alertness and the ability to cope with anxiety during the day. By entering into the overeating phase the body is able to recuperate, which gives the body a chance to relax, digest foods correctly and utilize the nutrients consumed for repair and growth. This feeding cycle stimulates hormone synthesis and fat burning during the day, as well as protein synthesis and growth at night. The diet that worked thousands of years ago can work for you today.

It is ancient history, but The Warrior Diet school of thought works something like this. During the undereating phase, consume small amounts of raw fruit and vegetables, soups and minimal portions of light protein foods. This shifts the body into a negative energy balance and forces it to break down stored fat for energy. At night, feast on your main meal, eating as much as you want from all food groups. As with everything, there is a catch. You must follow these basic rules of eating.
* Start with subtle-tasting foods and move to more aggressive foods i.e. salad, vegetables and proteins first, then finish with carbs.
* Introduce all tastes, textures, aromas and colors possible in your main meal.
* Stop eating when you feel more thirsty than hungry.
There are also the complicated Warrior Diet 10 Commandments. Just to name a few. Rotate between days of high protein, high fat and high carbs. Don't eat carbs alone. Avoid wrong food combinations such as grain and sugar. Avoid foods containing hormones, pesticides, chemical additives, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and fructose.