Tony Little's Gazelle

ImageYou can do it!

Those are the famous words uttered by America's personal trainer, Tony Little. He has become a household name hawking his fitness products that range from DVDs to equipment to apparel on both QVC and through infomercials. Perhaps his most well known piece of equipment is Tony Little's Gazelle Power Plus.

His home gyms allow people to lose weight, tone their muscles and improve cardio health in one easy workout. Another perk is being able to consult with a personal trainer card after purchasing one of Tony Little's machines.

The Gazelle is an exercise system that uses both power pistons and dual-action split suspension to provide a workout that offers complete range of motion. It's possible to do eight exercises in one of his workouts.

Best for any fitness level, the Gazelle offers a low-impact workout that makes it perfect for nearly anyone. In addition, individuals who use the Gazelle are performing both are getting the benefits of both an aerobic and a resistance training workout mixed into one. The Gazelle is usable for anyone weighing up to 350 pounds.