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ImageTrimLife Carb Control is created to help stop the absorption of carbohydrate calories, to regulate the blood sugar and to boost weight loss. By reducing the level of carbs, it is easier to shed those extra pounds. The key ingredient is White Kidney Bean Extract which is supposed to promote healthy metabolism of carbs.

TrimLife L-Carnitine assists in oxidizing fat, increasing energy levels and reducing the risk of serious health issues. L-Arnitine is an amino acid that uses fat as an energy source and is said to transport fatty acids, triglycerides and cholesterol to produce energy.

TrimLife Meal Replacement provides a high-protein, low-calorie substitute for meals. These shakes help curb cravings, help the body feel full and promote weight loss.

A 30-day supply will set you back about $29.95. While these ephedrine-free formulas say they will take off the extra pounds, it is a healthy diet and exercise that are necessary to achieve lasting weight loss.