Weigh Down

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Shamblin preaches Godly principles to help her clients get slim and trim.According to her beliefs, God does not care about what we consume -- what hedoes care about is overindulgence, a behavior Shamblin works to stop.

There is no calorie counting. There is no reading nutritional labels. Thereare no food exchanges. There aren't any gimmicks. Shamblin refers toWeigh Down as the "No Diet Zone." What Weigh Down does teach is approachingfood with control and confidence while eating the way God wanted your body

The bottom line is volume. And Weigh Down is going to tell you to keepa handle on how much you eat. Basically, the Weigh Down seminar costs $119plus $16 for shipping and handling. Over the next 8 weeks, you will receivelessons on modifying your habits. You will receive 8 CDS and a workbook. You will be able to communicate with Weigh Down reps via their tollfree number.