Winsor Pilates

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Pilates is an exercise routine based on stretching and breathing that centers on the strengthening of the abdominal core. What sets Winsor Pilates apart from different workouts is that it incorporates Winsor's technique of dynamic sequencing, a combination of moves done in a specific order and rhythm to achieve maximum results. The only equipment you must participate in this workout is your body.

Winsor Pilates is a low-intensity, calorie-burning workout that peels away pounds and inches. There is no need to spend big bucks on a gym membership or top dollar to participate in weekly classes when you can perform Winsor Pilates in the comfort of your home with the guidance of the video program. Winsor's program works to strengthen the abdomen, lower, back, hips and butt. The exercises can be performed at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels based on Winsor's modifications.

Some of the benefits that clients see from Winsor Pilates are a long, lean sculpted look, a stronger body and improved posture, circulation, energy and stamina. In addition to the pilates routines, Winsor recommends at least 36 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercises every day or every other day, even if it's just walking.