Don't Make Your Weekend a Diet Buster

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You've worked hard all week to stick with your healthy diet and keep up with your weight-loss goals, but the weekend can mean diet sabotage for even the most committed dieter. When your weekend schedule is full of family events, entertaining guests, heading out to a sporting event or simply filling up your day with errands, you can easily fall into the habit of eating on the run and reaching for unhealthy foods.

The best way to get through your weekend without sabotaging your diet is to have a plan; if you can organize your meals and prepare your daily menu ahead of time, you are less likely to fall back on whatever food might be available on any given day. Here are some other simple ways to enjoy your weekend without sabotaging your diet:

Keep up with your exercise routine. Don't let the weekend's activities stop you from staying active and keeping up with your workouts. Even the most hectic schedule can be managed when you stick with your exercise routine; regular exercise will keep your metabolism running at peak efficiency and may even keep you motivated to stay on track with your weight-loss goals.

Enjoy healthy meals with family and friends. When you're in charge of cooking dinner or preparing lunch for friends and family members, make an effort to serve healthy and satisfying meals. You can include colorful salads, healthy soups and other diet-friendly foods on the menu so that everyone can enjoy some healthier dishes, and you can stick with your diet.