Foods that Beat the Bloat

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by Elizabeth Kelly

It's one of the most frustrating feelings a woman can have. You wake up one morning to find that the jeans that looked so good yesterday won't even zip today. You've been exercising and eating right, so that can mean only one thing: the dreaded bloat. And whether it arrives just before your period or seemingly out of the blue, it's an unwelcome and uncomfortable problem.

Researchers have determined that women experience bloating much more frequently than men, though no one's completely sure why. There's one thing that is sure, though: what you eat and drink can help you through the discomfort of feeling like a water-filled balloon. Try adding these to your diet, and you can ditch the drawstring sweatpants ASAP.


It may seem counterintuitive to drink more water when you feel like you're retaining enough to fill up the Goodyear Blimp. Water retention can be a sign of dehydration, though, so it's extra-important to drink water when you're bloated. The extra hydration will help flush out your system (and help deflate that pooch).