Revealed! What Causes Itchy Skin?

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Dryness...Flaky Skin...Redness...Blisters...Rashes... 

Do you find yourself scratching all day and not getting any relief? It's time to find out what causes your itchy skin. Only then can you treat the source and determine the appropriate treatment to stop all the scratching and irritation. 

What causes skin to itch can range from environmental causes to side effects from certain drugs or medical conditions. 

Itches Related to Dry Skin 

Environmental factors are generally to blame for dry, itchy skin. Changing weather conditions that dry out the skin and steal its moisture may be a possible culprit. 

Certain soaps, shampoos and other bathroom products can dry and irritate the skin as well, leaving it dry and itchy. Avoid alcohol-containing products, which can deplete the skin of moisture. And while the heat and steam may feel soothing, scorching hot showers also leave the skin drier than a desert.