The Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

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The potential benefits to your health associated with wine consumption is a rather long list indeed, and new studies continuously relate a drop in the risk of cancer and heart disease with drinking wine.

Even before the first book was written about wine in 1410 by a French doctor, the virtues of drinking wine had long been touted since the first century. The fact that wine contains certain compounds that add to longevity is apparent in what has become known as "The French Paradox" theory.

This is simply an observation that while the French consume many fatty and cholesterol laden foods, they also drink wine on a regular basis and with their meals. This observation has been supported and verified by many independent health studies and in spite of their diet, the French do have fewer instances of heart disease and heart-related deaths.

With further study the connection between wine and longevity was traced to anti-oxidants and natural occurring chemicals found within the seeds and skin of the grape, though it is not certain whether the grape itself can render theses benefits in the same manner.