Motivating Music

If you've been having a hard time sticking with your workout routine, music may help you stay on track with your fitness resolutions. Music can be a huge motivation when you're working out, giving you a chance to break out of a humdrum routine and synchronize your movements to your favorite songs. Listening to fast-paced and uplifting music can help turn your usual workout into a fun, heart-pumping routine in no time. Depending on the type of music you tune into, you might also be able to give your mood an instant boost!

Best Themes and Genres for Workout Music

When you want to focus on your workout and keep yourself moving throughout the entire routine, your best bet is to tune into a fast-paced and intense music track with a strong beat. Hip-hop and R&B, rock, and even some alternative tracks make great accompaniments to any workout routine. You might also try techno when you want to focus during a strength-training workout or are doing exercises that require a lot of repetition.

Music can also help to:

  • Stick with a difficult routine
  • Help you take your mind off the workout for a brief period of time
  • Help you push yourself harder
  • Keep you motivated to exercise because working out is more enjoyable
  • Give your brain a workout!
  • Help you maintain good form and coordination as you synchronize your steps to the rhythm and beat of the music track

Workout music compilation CDs and dance mixes are other great sources for workout music that will get you going on those low-motivation days. Take some time to put together your own playlist so that it's easier to get through even the most challenging workout and look forward to working out again! Why not use music as a reward for meeting your goals? Once you reach a fitness milestone, download a new album or buy a new iPod. Talk about motivation!

From oldies and classics to hip-hop and contemporary rock, here are some ideas for your workout playlist:

Oldies Music Ideas for Workout Motivation

Born to Be Wild -- Steppenwolf
Dancing in the Streets -- Martha Reeves and The Vandellas
It's My Party -- Lesley Gore
Jailhouse Rock -- Elvis Presley
Brown-Eyed Girl -- Van Morrison
Louie, Louie -- Kingsmen
Respect -- Aretha Franklin
Rockin' Robin -- Bobby Day (or Jackson 5)
Wake Up Little Susie -- Everly Brothers
Summer in the City -- Lovin' Spoonful

Contemporary Music Ideas for Workout Motivation

Stronger --Kanye West
Shake It -- Metro Station
I Don't Feel Like Dancing -- Scissor Sisters
Fergalicious -- Fergie
Pump It -- The Black Eyed Peas
Hollaback Girl -- Gwen Stefani
American Idiot -- Green Day
The Beautiful People -- Marilyn Manson
Single Ladies --" Beyonce
Float On -- Modest Mouse
Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus

You can set your own beat with that next workout by tuning into any of these fast-paced songs. They're a great way to get pumped up for a new exercise routine or just to synchronize your movements to something that really gets you going. Just download these tracks to your iPod or pick up a CD for some instant motivation for your workout routine.