From Stop and Shop to Table Top

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As a lifestyle expert and designer I always find myself thinking outside the box and looking for inspiration and unexpected resources everywhere I go. This year -- with a big focus on creativity and one stop shopping -- I challenged myself not only purchase everything I need for a festive lunch and dinner, but to create a tablescape that also infuses the many resources of my local Stop & Shop grocery store. This shopping trip would be like no other as I explored the aisles with a new found mission: What can I do with that on my table? The cohesive creative design will surprise you. The result: a “crafty” table that doesn’t look juvenile.

Here is my grocery list and creative ideas by department:


Mason Jars- The half-pint size serves as the perfect vessel for tea lights.

Candles- Fabulous dripless candles are a staple and are perfect for many projects.