Hamburger Helpers: Healthy, Tasty Burger Recipes

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by Jennifer Mae

Summer is grilling season and time to break out the burgers. Plain old hamburgers won't do this summer. So be creative! Surprise your family and friends with a hamburger loaded down with fabulous taste. Look for unique toppings, mix-ins and condiments for your heavenly hamburgers.

Here are some creative ways to grill your family and friends some heavenly hamburgers made from healthy ingredients that pack a big flavor punch.

Unique Mix-in Ideas

Add some unique mix-ins for your heavenly hamburgers. Get the taste buds going by adding a package of taco mix for a spicy Mexican hamburger. A packet of dried Italian dressing spices up any beef burger with a zesty flavor that will melt in your mouth.

Why not break out of the mix-in mold? Try an Asian-style burger. Mix a teaspoon of ginger and crushed garlic into the ground beef. Next, add two or three tablespoons of soy or teriyaki sauce to the ground beef mixture. Make hamburger patties. Cook on a hot grill and serve on whole wheat hamburger bun with sweet and hot mustard. Yummy!