Helpful Kitchen Supplies for the Everyday Chef

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You do not have to be a professional chef to cook like one. In fact, you do not need any training at all to cook delicious and easy meals. For the everyday chef, it is all about having the right tools and equipment. You would not expect a mechanic to fix your car without the right tools, and you would not expect your hairstylist to cut your hair without the right tools. So, in order to cook wonderful meals for your family, be sure that you have the following items:


Before you even make a sandwich or salad, it is important to have a great set of knives. In general, a set of five knives will get the job done. The largest knife in your set should be a chef's knife, but you should also have a vegetable knife, a multi-purpose knife, and a slicer. Steak knives are also great, but they often are not sharp or precise enough for the average kitchen prep work. Along with your knife set, make sure that you have a sharpener. Believe it or not, dull knives are usually the cause of knife accidents in the kitchen. You should also make be sure that you have a few great cutting boards so that you avoid ruining your counter.

Mixing Bowls

Though considered required kitchen equipment, many home chefs do not have an adequate set of mixing bowls. Though you can get by without mixing bowls, it makes almost any recipe much harder to complete. You should have at least two large mixing bowls, since you will use both for some recipes, as well as a medium-sized bowl and a small-sized bowl. Buying them as a set can save you a significant amount of money. Look for mixing bowls that have lids, so you can store food items as needed without plastic wrap. Additionally, choose bowls that are ceramic or stainless steel, as plastic bowls can take on weird smells and stains over time.