The Skinniest, Sexiest Cocktails

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Everybody knows that alcoholic drinks are a source of empty calories, but rest easy; you can enjoy a cocktail or two without ruining your diet. As long as you focus on drinks low in fat and sugar, you can enjoy yourself without having to hit the gym extra hard.

Besides choosing drinks that are low-fat and/or low-sugar you should also try to limit your total intake of alcohol. Drinking 5 skinny cocktails and then binging on a plate of nachos because your inhibitions are lowered will do the same amount of damage as drinking 5 piña coladas.

Cuba Libre (Light)

(Adapted from Jane Lawson's book, "Shaken: 250 Classic Cocktails with a Twist")

100 calories, low-fat and low-sugar
  • 4 parts white rum (2 oz.)
  • 7 lime wedges
  • Diet cola
Fill a highball glass halfway with ice. A highball glass holds about 8-12 ounces of liquid and is taller than it is wide. These are also called tumblers. Pour in the rum and squeeze the juice from the limes into the glass, dropping the lime rinds into the glass when finished.

It is very important to measure the liquor, not only for calories, but also for taste! You don't want to overwhelm the lime flavor. Top with the diet cola and garnish with the last lime wedge.