George Foreman Grills

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One of the newest George Foreman grills to hit the marketplace is the G-Broil. Unlike some older models, the G-Broil's lid has locking latches that allows for vertical storage without the grill opening. The touch-safe surface on the top makes this model safer during use.

The G-Broil features a 72" grilling surface allowing enough cooking space to cook for up to four people. This version does not have removable grills making clean up somewhat difficult.


A giant step into the future of indoor grilling is the largest of the George Foreman Indoor Grills, the 360 Grill. This versatile grill can cook your steaks, omelets and even deep-dish pizza. The large 106 square inch cooking surface provides enough space to cook a meal for an entire family.

Best of all, the 360 Grill is equipped with removable grill plates that are dishwasher-safe. Five various plates are included that can be interchanged accordingly to what you want to prepare. The downside of the grill is the size; ample storage space will be needed to store this mighty machine.