The Hot Dog Toaster

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Some like it hot -- hot dogs, that is. Imagine a device that would enable you to heat your franks and toast your buns at the same time. It's no joke. There's actually such a thing and we've put this crafty kitchen aid to the test.

Hot dog connoisseurs rejoice: the invention of the century has finally arrived! Here is a device that lets you pop in your hot dogs and buns together, press down, and make preparing hot dogs as easy as toast. The question remains as to how well it works, and whether it's worth the price (a popular model set at around $50.00).

If it's half as good as it sounds, then it's a must-have for every college dorm, movie night, or home sporting event.

The real advantage of the hot dog toaster is efficiency, and the attraction of having the shiny new gadget on the block. You don't have to get out a pan, or fire up the grill just to make a couple of hot dogs while watching the game. Just put two hot dogs and two buns in their receptacles, and leave them to brown to golden goodness.

Unfortunately, when you try using the device, you'll soon discover some issues the manufacturers overlooked. The first impedance is the removal of the hot dogs themselves. When you're ready to pull out the juicy morsels, as your mouth waters in anticipation, you'll find that they're firmly wedged in the device's iron jaws. Although the instructions state you can use small, or standard size buns and dogs, these still expand enough to make removal a surgical challenge.