Diet-Smart Protein

Dairy foods are another beneficial protein source. Low-fat cheeses and skim milk add the necessary amino acids to a diet minus the fat. Part-skim mozzarella sticks are an easy, nutritious snack to bring along. Skim milk fruit smoothies are a popular protein drink. Smoothies are delicious and filling as a meal or snack.

Chicken and turkey are protein rich, low-fat meats. The skin of the meat should be removed to eliminate fat. Prepared in a variety of low-fat ways, these meats enhance diet recipes.


Protein is a necessary ingredient for a healthy diet. It provides amino acids, the building blocks for our bodies. Rich sources of protein are yogurt, salmon, nuts and seeds, whole grains, low fat dairy foods and chicken or fish. Protein provides both flavor and nutrition which supports weight loss. Diet smart proteins will help the dieter lose weight and stay healthy without the loss of energy or stamina.