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Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Passions are rising as Venus and Mars, the lovers of the zodiac, clash today, bringing passionate encounters, exciting opportunities, and a turning point in relationships and creative and financial situations.

Early this morning, the moon squares Jupiter in Capricorn and goes void-of-course, marking a huge turning point and bringing major choices. The moon then enters Scorpio and squares Saturn, and you're diving deep, processing powerful, perhaps difficult emotions. Avoid internalizing or projecting them. Remain detached and release them consciously as you readjust boundaries where necessary.

Tonight, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, relationships, and finances, squares Mars, the planet of aggression, sex, and passion, igniting desires and bringing opportunities.

Venus is in Gemini, suggesting there are choices to be made, and there's a sense of feeling divided. With Mars in Pisces, you're seeing that things aren't as black and white. There are infinite sides to a story, many ways something could play out, and endless creative potential in a situation. You can have what you want, but what do you want? Acknowledge your desires and fears, then you can make conscious choices.

The moon trines Mercury and opposes Uranus late tonight, bringing conversations and clarity, and you're nearing a breakthrough. Very significantly, Mercury enters its shadow phase today, so pay attention to the conversations taking place now. Also, if you have important purchases to make or contracts to sign, it would be best to do it before Mercury stations retrograde on June 17.

Mercury will return to this point in the zodiac when it stations direct on July 12. We will be revisiting these conversations then, so be fluid and flexible as you move forward.
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