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Saturday, August 8, 2020
The moon shares a conjunction with Chiron this morning, giving you a chance to reconnect with your true self and heal your ego a bit. This aspect can also help you reconnect with your voice, so take some time to journal in the morning if you can.

As we roll into the afternoon, the moon shares a sweet aspect with the sun, allowing you to consolidate your deepest desires with your personal image. You should be able to move through fears and self-doubt in favor of working toward personal goals. Your identity and emotions will get along to bring you strength and comfort.

Unfortunately, tonight's square between the moon and Jupiter threatens to undo some of the good ego work you accomplished earlier in the day. The reality of the effort that needs to go into your dreams may be a bit magnified and bring self-doubt to the surface. If you find these issues coming on, take a step back and relax a bit.

After midnight, the moon connects with Mars, putting motivation into high gear. It could be difficult to sleep as you look for ways to accomplish tasks and work toward a better future.

If you work well into the night, you may suffer from burnout and begin to question yourself. Drink some chamomile tea and get a good night's rest so you can get back to work in the morning. Make sure to cut yourself a break when you need one.
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