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Monday, August 2, 2021
The Taurus moon shares a difficult aspect with Jupiter in the very early hours this morning, which could bring realistic yet bizarre dreams your way. Just try not to read too much into any adventures you have in the astral realms, because the messages being sent to you now might be too convoluted to decode.

The moon moves into Gemini later in the morning, activating our minds for the week ahead. Unfortunately, a harsh aspect to Mars could make getting out of bed difficult, and people might seem more irritable than usual. Try to avoid conflict now even if you're feeling grumpy yourself.

Luckily, this energy breaks up by afternoon, and a helpful aspect between Venus and Uranus could bless us with a new yet positive distraction to focus on. If you did have it out with someone earlier, this would be a good time to apologize with a small gift or gesture.

This evening, the moon forms a conjunction to the north node, helping you see your future more clearly. Also, new information could come to the surface now that changes the way you walk your path moving forward.

As the evening wraps up, Lady Luna and Saturn share some positive vibes in the cosmos, and the universe rewards those who make pragmatic plans for the future.
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