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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
This morning, the planet Neptune turns direct after being retrograde since June 25. The retrograde began and ended in the sign of Pisces, which means it has been a time when the imagination went wild and took over logic.

The inability to find the truth and resolve matters has been hard because our intuition hasn't been shedding light on the real facts. Innate sixth sense and clairvoyance have been off since June, and now it's crashing back down to reality. When this happens, we can expect that matters will be exposed in ways that might shock and rock us to the core, mostly because we don't see it coming.

Another element of this transit is the need to lean into one's spirituality. This could be a time of recommitting to one's religious beliefs. When Neptune turns direct in Pisces, we can feel a fanatical pull to align with a religious or philosophical call (most of the meaning behind it might be confusing to us, but the fundamentals of it relate to our views and beliefs). Make sure that the beliefs are in line with your ideology before you jump in.

We are now awakening from a dream, and we realize it could be scary. Proceed with caution and care over the next few weeks.
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