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Thursday, December 2, 2021
The energy in the air is growing tense as we prepare for the weekend's eclipse.

The Scorpio moon is connecting with a lot of the major planets: Neptune (illusion, delusion, and creativity), Venus (love and money), Mars (war and destruction), Pluto (triangular situations, growth, and power struggles), and Jupiter (expansiveness). This makes it quite a high-powered and energetic day. There could be power struggles, arguments, or conflict in relationships and concerning money, combined with an exuberant vibe that's speeding up the overall frenetic energy of the day. Situations are being exposed for what they truly are, alliances are being tested, and we're being emotionally pushed to make tough decisions.

Instead of making impulsive choices, be sure you're getting accurate facts that can guide you to make educated, concrete decisions that give you the opportunity to understand what you're doing from all perspectives. Think matters through, and don't act on a whim. This will keep you from making mistakes that you can't take back or reverse down the road.

The presence of Mars and Jupiter (both of which connect with the Scorpio moon) points to explosive arguments, which could leave us wishing that we hadn't started picking at wounds or triggering others (and even ourselves). The bottom line is stay in your lane today even if you're asked to leave it.
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