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Saturday, January 29, 2022
You are being asked to follow the path set forth by the universe and expect the unexpected!

Today brings many elements of surprise as the Scorpio sun opposes Uranus in the delectable sign of Taurus. This could cause some upheaval on numerous levels, especially around relationships.

The theme of the day centers around partnerships and those who mirror us on a soul level. The Scorpio presence commands us to dive deep into psychological wounds and purge them through the waning gibbous moon, which is also washing through the sign of Taurus. There is a sense of being supported on an emotional level despite how vulnerable the healing process might feel. You are not alone even if, at times, it can feel as though you're the only one in the room.

The square between Mercury retrograde in balancing Libra and Saturn in authoritative Capricorn might not let up on you mentally. There are many challenges that require careful analysis. In fact, you might be way too hard on yourself these days, especially as trickster Mercury encourages you to weigh every situation, making it tough to reach a final decision.

Remember that you know what is best for you, especially as the magnetic opposition of the Scorpio sun and Uranus in Taurus kick up the dust and send you in a totally different direction. Be prepared for some unexpected news and surprises that could have you almost instantaneously jumping into new experiences!
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