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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
You might feel as though you or those around you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Mercury shares a minor frustration with Jupiter around the same time that Mars forms an unpleasant aspect to Jupiter, magnifying self-doubt, frustration, irritability and impatience. You might find that others are a bit self-centered or inconsiderate this morning, and road rage could get ugly if you find yourself in traffic. Hold on to your zen zone so you don't personally fall victim to today's funk, and check in often with your breathing.

While the first half of the day could be challenging, the second half doesn't look so bad. As we head into the afternoon, it's important for us to find balance and redirect our energy in a more harmonious direction. Communication should also be easier due to a helping hand from the healing moon.

By evening, the moon gives us permission to indulge a bit and relax. Put some extra effort into your dinner and treat yourself to something special tonight. Spend the rest of the evening decompressing with a hot bath, stretching or a nice glass of wine. All great ways to work with this energy shift.
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