Important planetary aspects of the day:
Moon trines Jupiter; Moon sesquiquadrates Mercury; Moon sextiles Neptune; Moon quintiles Venus; Moon trines Pluto; Moon trines Saturn.

Recommended attitudes/ strategies for the day:
Shoot for the stars in all that you do this morning. This is a great day for initiating futuristic projects, schedule secret meeting with influential persons to boost your prospects, and for chasing your dreams no matter what others say. Appeal to the emotions and vanity of others while trying to win them over to your side. Afternoon of this day is a great time for scheduling power-luncheons and project presentations. Work with long-term perspectives in mind during the evening hours; be ready to sacrifice temporary comforts for the sake of long-term progress.

Activities that are highly favoured:
Learning new subjects; audit/ appraisal activities; operating on malignancies; devising strategies to outwit rivals; purchasing kitchen gadgets/ appliances; discussing legal strategies.

Activities that are preferably avoided:
Surgery on the neck region; lending/ borrowing money; long journeys.

General numerological guidance for the day:
Caution should be the watchword in all that you do today; this applies to everyone.