Feng Shui, Art of Water Placement

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Location to Be Placing Water Feature:

North Sector: Career or Business Success; Increase of Income
Southeast Sector: Overall Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance
East Sector: Family Harmony and Health

These locations may not exactly always be correct for water placement. Many just follow blindly without even knowing that they might had install a water feature at the very wrong location in their house, which may actually bring about more harm and misfortune than to benefits for them.

Location to Avoid Placing Water Feature:

Bedroom: It will cause financial loss and weakening of love relationship

This again is not true. It may actually be allowed if the formation of your house permits and in fact for some cases, placing of water feature in the room can be exceptionally beneficial.

In order to get the correct spot for the placement of water feature and its flow direction, it must be based on individual house's flying stars chart and house's formation analysis chart and this is better done with the help of a true professional Feng Shui practitioner.