Feng Shui, Art of Water Placement

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Everyone should note that the art of placing water feature are not meant for beginners.

Perhaps to just share with you a good example: A friend of mine was advised by a Feng Shui practitioner to have water feature installed in the Northwest sector in his living room to activate a good facing star. It was true that in general, facing star number 8 is certainly a good star to be activating for period 8. But little was he aware that by doing so, he has actually violated the Indirect Spirit rule.

No water feature should ever be placed in the Northwest sector, as it will violate the Indirect Spirit rule. And indeed after placing the water feature there, he encountered more difficulties in his life rather than getting the benefits that he was looking forward to.
You see, even some Feng Shui practitioners can actually make such a grave mistake.
Even when you are armed with the Special Water Dragon formation, you must never forget that the Indirect Spirit rule should never ever be violated.

All Special Water Formation have their basis but then again, certain vital rules are never to be overlooked. You are never to violate both the Direct and Indirect Spirit rules (aka Mountain and Water Palace) by placing any water feature there no matter how good a spot or position it may be

You must correctly locate the center point of the house in order to accurately identify the dragon spot for placing your water feature.