Feng Shui, Art of Water Placement

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You have to carefully examine the external factors coming from any existing real landform that may be outside the house to correctly bring in the good "Qi."
The art of Water placement in Feng Shui can certainly be complicated. Studying of it may seem easy but the actual application may not just be that easy.

It certainly requires a true understanding and strong foundation of this ancient Chinese fundamental to be able to get things correct, to be better bringing about beneficial changes to your life. As mentioned earlier, the wrong placement of water feature in the house may result in undesired harm and misfortune like divorce, financial loss, poor health" etc.

You can't afford to go wrong. Unless you are absolutely sure, it is still best to leave it to the professional.

Important Note:
Not all houses are ideal for installing water feature. Water placement and activation of prosperous location (without using water feature) have different Indirect and direct spirit rules.

Remember, there is not shortcut to getting rich and success overnight. The use of Feng Shui is there to only help harness the Earth Luck, which account for 33 percent of our life. To achieve a success in life, you nevertheless still have to be willing to work hard to fulfill the other 33 percent of Human Luck. Your hard work is certainly going to play a major part in achieving your success.

Having the correct attitude and mindset, the correct application of Feng Shui can certainly help to harness both our earth and human luck to complement one another, bringing about beneficial changes to one and to help them be achieving more in their life.