Levi: Bristol's Parenting Is No Tripp

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Playtime is over for Levi Johnston. After witnessing some piss-poor parenting by former teen-mom-turned-reality-star Bristol Palin, her baby daddy/ex-fiance tells TMZ he plans on going for full custody. According to TMZ, the 22-year-old Playgirl centerfold is now gunning to be the sole parent of 3-year-old Tripp. This after seeing little Tripp behaving out of control. In Bristol's new reality show Life's a Tripp, the toddler is seen back talking, cursing, acting disrespectful and running wild. In one episode, he even calls his aunt the f-bomb. And the first person to admit shortcomings as a parent is Bristol herself. At one point, she says, "I'm doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp." Despite the admission, it might not be enough for Levi to get custody of his little boy. Regardless, he is gearing up for a fight. He tells TMZ that he's "disgusted" by little Tripp's bad mouth and bad behavior. He maintains that Tripp is spiraling down and not getting enough parental guidance from his baby mama. Levi then goes on to say that Tripp "deserves a better family." He adds, "I love my son more than anything ... and I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is raised the right way." To show just how serious he is, Levi was photographed walking out of a Wasilla courthouse, legal papers in hand. He tells TMZ he plans on filing them ASAP. Time to see what this armchair quarterback is made of.