5 Bad Marriage Habits

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Everyone has bad habits. But when they pervade your marriage, they can chip away at what was once a solid foundation. Perhaps your bad habits aren't divorce material – yet – but it's time to nip them in the bud before they become a real problem. Here are five to start with. A sexless marriage is considered to be the case when a couple has sex no more than 10 times a year, and up to 20 percent of marriages are sexless. While sex isn't a solution to your problems, necessarily, it does foster intimacy. So shake off those "too tired" or "too busy" excuses. It just takes a few minutes and does your relationship good. Adopt a "MY family first" attitude in your marriage. Frequently, in-laws may intervene in your relationship, which is OK if you present a united front. But if you find yourself spilling your guts about your marriage or spending more time with relatives, then you need to bring it back home. It's no fun to feel like second fiddle when you're the spouse. It's OK to be close with extended family, but when they take precedence over your spouse, there's a problem.