5 Guys You Shouldn't Date

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If only it was easy to tell when a guy is completely undateable... unfortunately, in the beginning stages of a relationship, it's hard to tell what kind of damage the guy has. But there are some subtle signs that can tell you whether or not to pursue a relationship. Check out these five personality types so you know when to steer clear of a guy with issues. Mr. Resentful is the guy who downplays anyone else's accomplishments besides his own. Get a promotion at work? Expect some snide comments and derisive remarks about how much more time you'll be spending away from him. His brother and wife have a new baby? He'll complain about how little free time they'll have now. This guy's a total downer and is best at raining on everyone else's parade. No fun. Mr. Workaholic may seem like the total package - well-educated, great job, ambitious. And while he may like the finer things in life, he won't have time for them. And the time he could be spending with you is split with his Blackberry. As fun as it sounds to date a rich guy, actually doing it is a different story.