Are Your Girlfriends Ruining Your Love Life?

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You can always expect commentary from the peanut gallery when you embark on a new relationship. But did you know that the peanut gallery - aka your friends - could have a negative effect on you and your beau? After all, your friends have been around a lot longer than your boyfriend, and their say can have a lot of influence on your life. It is tough on a friend who spends a lot of time with you to "share" you with a new partner, so it's important to keep your girlfriends' motives in mind when it feels like they're trying to pull you in two different directions, or worse, sabotage your new relationship. Here are a few warning signs that your friends are ruining your love life. First, those biting little comments about your new partner's appearance, attitude, job... whatever it may be, petty, jealous comments can eat away at your confidence in choosing your particular partner. And when they seem to like your mate but trash you in front of him, even in jest, it can have an impact on how he views you.