Attain Intimacy Without Sex

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Despite what you might think, sex is not the name of the game when it comes to being intimate with someone. In fact, you can achieve a level of intimacy without ever doing the deed. Intimacy is actually the foundation of a strong relationship. When you are looking to strengthen the ties that bind you to your partner, it is important to get intimate with him or her in ways other than having sex. At the end of the day, a deeper sense of intimacy will actually enhance your sex life. First and foremost, communicate. Express your feelings to your partner honestly. Tell your significant other how you feel about him or her. Talk about the aspects of your relationship. The key is to have an open line of communication where you say what's on your mind. Regardless of how long you have been together, never let the opportunity to get to know your partner better slip by. Experiment with foreplay. Far too often we rush through things. Haste makes waste. Enjoy a feast of appetizers (kissing, petting, cuddling) and save the main course (sex) for another day.