Does Your Success Threaten Him?

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Ladies, you've come a long way, baby. But have you gone too far? Recent research seems to think so. A University of South Florida study concluded that while women feel better in their relationships with men after experiencing professional success, the man's self-esteem can take a hit. Men were given a test to see how they felt subconsciously about their partners' successes, such as work promotions. It could be due to men's natural competitive nature, but it still points to traditional views of gender roles. The author of the study, Kate Ratliff, concluded, "Self-esteem might be impacted when one fails to fulfill the roles ascribed to one's gender." For women who have carved a successful path in the world, this revelation can be really discouraging. After all, women in the same jobs as men still make less money – 77 cents per dollar men earn, to be exact -- and have to work harder to earn the same accolades.