How to Stop Nagging

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We all know a nag - someone who can't help but pester her spouse, kids, friends...anyone, really - and we all know how annoying it is to be nagged. Many moms and women in relationships find themselves nagging and just can't seem to stop doing it. It's frustrating for the person nagging to feel she has to remind her loved ones over and over of the same things, then perhaps blowing up completely after seemingly being ignored. It's irritating for the person being nagged to be belittled or treated badly over something seemingly insignificant. Women tend to "sugarcoat" their wants and needs when really a direct approach would help. And if you're not sure if you're a nag, then think about how many times you've said something along the lines of "If I've said it once, I've said it a million times" or "I talk until I'm blue in the face," then you might have a problem nagging. Here are a few ways to fix nagging and get what you want. Try to consider your partner's priorities before asking him to get something done. And instead of issuing absolutes, such as, "The garage needs to be cleaned Saturday," try saying, "When do you think you'll get to cleaning the garage?" Perhaps whatever you feel like nagging your partner about isn't a priority for him. That's OK, and it's important for you to come to terms with it, like it or not. The key is to come up with alternatives for him to do his fair share. If he absolutely hates doing dishes, then give him a task that you'd rather not do and take the dishes yourself. If he's pulling his weight but you don't like the way he completes tasks, then you probably ought to give it up. No carping about the dishes being put away in the wrong place - at least they're put away. And if all else fails and nagging isn't working, do the task yourself. It will be done on your timeline to your liking, and you won't have to pester anyone.